Random Word Association

The idea behind this project is to bring together a selection of random words as a functional design piece which was to be presented as a book cover. My random words were: Hamlet, Pearl Harbour, 10x 100, Mars Red and Perpetual.

My random words were: Perpetual, Mars red, Hamlet, Pearl Harbour and 10 x100.
The focus of this image is the word or number 10x 100, made particularly prominent by the man on the bottom left (Edward Kasner). Kasner was the mathmatician responsible for inventing the number (10x100), also known as a Googol. He was at the forefront of mathmatics duting the 1900's (hence the book's name). The Draft/ drawing shown in the background illustrates the theory of perpetual motion. In addition I used the colour Red Mars  and the circle from the Japanese flag (Pearl Harbour- was invaded by the Japanese). Lastly a skull was added to suggest the tale of Hamlet (often portrayed as a skull).
This image has been geared towards illustrating Pearl Harbour, again a skull is used to include the story of Hamlet. I then added a Pearl Harbour Veteran's cap and the stripe which is the ribbon from a War medal. On top of this I put a series of ten dots and a series of 100 (10x100). Following that included the number 8 which represents perpetual, this is because it is a never ending form. The final image includes the book's name in an American Dream font, which is similar to that found in the Cadillac logo.
The basis of this image is the soldier which looks into the eyes of the skull, I used this image to represent a modern day version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. I then showed 10x100 in a low opacity in the background. Perpetual is again signified by the form of the number 8 with red mars being shown in the bottom right hand corner.
This image portrays Mars red, it shows two astronaughts looking for life on Mars, I then added the figure 8 (perpetual) the Da Vinci clock plus the skull to signify Hamlet, Lastly I added the Japanese columbs to illustrate Pearl Harbour. 
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