Signs & Symbols

Develop six symbolic images to portray the words "England is a land of shipbuilders sailors and sheep herders" then combine them to produce one final piece (to be presented in black and white only).

This project was created to explore how imagery can be reduced to a number of simple strokes in order to create graphic value without compromising the audiences understanding of the work. 
This piece portrays the saying "England is a land of Ship builders, sailors and sheep herders"
Once I had completed the abstract images I then to combined them into one final piece.
Contained within this image you can see a series of ship propellers, the shape of which has been repeated to provide the background "snowflake" type pattern. Over this I layed the central image which is of a ships window and the sea, around this you can see tea cups (England) in addition you can see the sheeps hooves and sailing boats.
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