Starling Business Network

Logo development and business cards for Starling Business Network using a U.V or spot varnish.

This project was to provide a visual identity for the Starling Business Network. My client didn't really offer a specific requirement regarding a logo brief. The idea of this business is to provide small and medium size businesses an opportunity to exchange skills for instance a business which requires legal support may offer an exchange, offering Human Resource skills in return.My clients major requirement was to receive a logo which depicted the "murmuration"

What is a Murmuration?
- As Starlings fly, they seem to be connected together. They twist and turn and change direction at a moment's notice-

This was the final logo which the client chose, although it doesn't depict finesse around the birds themselves, but it fulfills the required "network" of flocking birds.
The logo was then developed into the back of a business card, with black being an obvious colour. The logo itself is highlighted using a spot varnish or gloss. 
The project brief required a business card to be made which would be used to grow the network and is provided to call current members, for this reason no name is specified. The logo was used here to further increase the sense of murmuration and communication. For this part of the project the logo was repeated at a reduced opacity to give the suggestion of a bigger flock.

Finally a collected of "flying" cards is depicted here for fun and impact and will later be developed into a poster and advert.
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